Music Producer Murdered By Homeless Woman

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Music Producer Murdered By Homeless Woman
Music Producer Murdered By Homeless Woman

A music producer reportedly connected to Travis Scott and Lil Cobaine was shot dead as he sat in his Ford Mach-E. The shocking crime has left people in Santa Monica, California questioning just how dangerous their community has become.

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It was the morning of January 25 when William Edwards III, a 46-year-old music producer, parked his EV on the side of 29th Street on the 2600 block. Witnesses say he had headphones on, so he might not have even seen his attacker approach. Footage captured by Fox 11 of the aftermath shows the shots shattered the front side windows of the electric vehicle, so the suspect could’ve just walked up and opened fire before Edwards even knew what was going on.


Police say 27-year-old Kayla Delise, a homeless woman, was the one who approached the car and opened fire, although they’re staying mum on any details. Edwards was transported to the hospital where he later died. Delise has been arrested and charged with armed robbery and attempted homicide for additional crimes committed in Los Angeles.

In other words, Delise has been on a bit of a crime spree.

Authorities aren’t saying anything about motive for this case. That’s left residents to speculate if Delise struck randomly, got into some sort of altercation with Edwards, or was trying to rob him (the robbery chare seems to confirm that final suspicion). With crime in the area up sharply in recent years, including violent assaults, this murder has put people even more on edge in the once-chic beach community.

Edwards reportedly was the father of two young boys and ran a small recording studio in Hollywood. His death is tragic and our hearts go out to his loved one, especially his sons.