Mustang Leaving Canadian Car Meet Wrecks Into Pole

Mustang Leaving Canadian Car Meet Wrecks Into Pole
Mustang Leaving Canadian Car Meet Wrecks Into Pole

At least no pedestrians were hurt this time!

Yet another Ford Mustang has crashed leaving a car meet, once again reinforcing old stereotypes. At least this time around, the S550 didn’t plow into a crowd but instead hit a light pole as you can clearly see in photos taken by a bystander. In a twist, this didn’t happen in the US but instead at a meet in Calgary.

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Yes, that’s right, America Jr. has decided to get in on the Mustang carnage. It makes sense considering Canadians have been big consumers of American muscle for some time. Well, big in comparison to their population.


This was another example of someone not understanding how a high-powered, rear-wheel-drive car works. It clearly oversteers to the left, the driver yanks on the steering wheel to the right, lifts, and applies the brakes at the same time. Driving lessons should be included with all Mustang purchases moving forward.

In the video we get some guy talking over the footage of the car, plus the audio quality is a little garbled, but it almost sounds like the pony has a supercharger whine. We can’t confirm that but if true, that forced induction would put more power in the hands of someone who clearly doesn’t know how to use it.

Apparently, New Horizon Mall is quite the car gathering place in Calgary, so we’re not sure how this crash will or won’t affect any future meets. In other places otherwise fairly respectable gatherings have been canceled by cities or private party owners like facing municipal pressure all thanks to one or two unfortunate incidents like this.

In the comments for the YouTube video, one person claims the crowd absolutely encourages burnouts and other such behavior as car leave the meet. Someone else commented that anyone mocking the driver of this S550 Mustang is out of line because that’s not nice. But we agree with the responses about how this kind of behavior shouldn’t be tolerated by enthusiasts.

Big burnouts, drifts, and crashes make the hobby look bad to normies, leading to bans on gatherings and harassment by police. So mock anyone acting like an idiot at a meet because these guys absolutely drive this way to impress the crowd they so often hit.

Images via Reddit