Mustang Plows Into U-Haul Trailer

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Is it always a Mustang?

Yet another incident involving a Mustang on a California freeway has happened, this time the pony car hitting a U-Haul trailer in Riverside. As captured in the Onscene TV video that’s included, the Ford struck the trailer so hard the back end split open, the contents spilling out onto the shoulder of the highway.

Proof it isn’t always a Mustang here.

According to OnScene TV, the incident started when a pickup truck pulling the trailer had some sort of problem and pulled off the side of the 91 Freeway. The towing company that showed up on the scene called California Highway Patrol for assistance since the pickup and trailer were on a blind corner. Obviously, the two company had bad experience with those situations.

While the two truck driver was on the phone with CHP dispatch, the Ford Mustang plowed into the trailer. The collision was hard enough to spin the trailer around as well as rupturing the rear portion. Somehow, only one person was hurt in the incident and only had minor injuries, although it wasn’t clear if that person was the Mustang driver or someone else.

We have no idea if alcohol or drugs were attributed to this accident at all. However, it’s a great reminder that as you’re coming around blind turns you need to be especially alert and aware. Not only could there be a disabled car on the shoulder, you might suddenly come up on the aftermath of an accident in the middle of the road, an animal, or who knows what.

It’s great to get out and enjoy your car, but even during relaxing drives you need to stay alert and be ready for anything. The price of not being vigilant is something like this accident, which thankfully didn’t seriously injure or kill anyone.

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