Mustang Slams Into Indianapolis House

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Mustang Slams Into Indianapolis House
Mustang Slams Into Indianapolis House

The jokes are everywhere after a Ford Mustang drove into a house in Indianapolis, Indiana, its rear prominently protruding from the building. It also doesn’t help that the incident went down on Shelby St. for one of the biggest coincidences.

Case of Ford Mustang engine revving disturbing neighbors goes to court.

Usually, we see Mustangs plowing into crowds while leaving meets or hitting poles, but there is the occasional building collision like this one. Thankfully, nobody inside the house was injured and the driver was able to get out of the pony car by himself.


According to the Indianapolis Fire Department there was no clear cause for the accident. That hasn’t stopped people from speculating about the pony trying to graze on the grass, thinking the house was its barn, etc. on social media.

This crash happened back on January 5 and we’ve been waiting to see if more information about it would come to light, but there have been zero updates. So everyone is left to wonder what led up to the crash.

Had this been a DUI case, street racing, or something else somewhat exciting, we think that info would’ve come out by now. That leads us to believe this was a simple case of someone who couldn’t handle the power of their rear-wheel-drive modern American muscle car.

While the jokes abound about Mustangs crashing into crowds, poles, and even buildings, we see quite a few similar cases with Corvettes, Camaros, Chargers, and Challengers. What these all have in common is they’re relatively affordable, powerful, and lay the power down at the rear.

It’s no coincidence that in Germany they see a lot of BMW drivers doing the same sorts of things. So it’s not the cars but rather the drivers who are to blame. Shocker.

Inexperienced drivers, who aren’t always young, get in these rides and seem to think that either their skills are far sharper than they are or that the electronic nannies will keep them from crashing. Then they slam into something and learn a valuable lesson, hopefully.

Image via Indianapolis Fire Department

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