Mustangs, Chargers, and Camaros Banned from Coffee & Cars in Texas

ford gt500
Mustang, Charger and Camaro Banned from Car ShowFord Motor Company

Coffee & Cars has been holding monthly car meetups in the Houston, Texas area since 2004. The events have always been open to all makes and models until recently. Now Mustang, Charger, and Camaro owners are no longer invited, according to a post on the Instagram page run by the show organizers.

The model-specific ban is due to the fact that despite repeated warnings, drivers of these cars continue to rev their engines and do burnouts at the events, organizers say. This drew the ire of the locals as well as the police. Coffee & Cars felt that this extreme step was necessary to prevent the entire show from being shut down.

As you might expect, the decision prompted a heated debate on social media. Some folks backed the move to save the show. However, others felt that it was unfair and discriminatory to ban only specific models from taking part. Some claimed that exotic car owners would also rev their engines and perform burnouts, but those high-priced cars were not barred from taking part in future shows.


Mustang owners have earned a reputation for foolish behavior at car shows. We have all seen the clips of them leaving a car meet, driving aggressively, and then crashing into a nearby tree. But the majority of owners are responsible and want to take their pride and joy to a car show. The same goes for Charger and Camaro owners, though Challenger enthusiasts seem to have missed the cut, for now.

Coffee & Cars says that the ban is only temporary. But there is no indication as to when these cars may be invited back. The organizers are also considering making their meetups invitation only. That is a shame because the best part of an open car show like this is the diversity of vehicles in attendance. The young enthusiast with a Fox Body Mustang may be as much of a car lover as the wealthy person in their McLaren. It's the most fun when they all get to take part.

Just remember, when you go to a show like this, don’t act like a fool. Follow the simple rules. The future of your local car show could depend on it.

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