Mya Allen Has a Sweet Update on Her Cookie Business, The Knead (EXCLUSIVE)

When she's not making memories with her housemates in the Hamptons on Summer HouseMya Allen has a pretty sweet job. Ahead of Season 7, Mya quit her day job as a restaurant consultant in order to dedicate her full-time efforts to her e-commerce cookie business, The Knead.

Summer House fans can often see the various cast members inquiring about Mya's cookies (or snacking on them) during any given episode, and Andy Cohen even sang their "really good" praises when he got to try one of the treats on the Season 6 reunion.

During a recent chat with The Daily Dish  just in time for Women's History Month — Mya revealed an exciting update on her next cookie drop, and she opened up about what it's been like for her to work on her business in a full-time capacity.

Mya Allen revealed what's next for her cookie business, The Knead.

The only way cookie lovers can get their hands on the dessert is when Mya drops batches on The Knead's website. Mya told The Daily Dish that she was gearing up for the "largest drop yet" after taking a "the last few months" off to get ready for Summer House Season 7.

Style Living Andy Cohen Mya Allen Reacts To Cookies
Style Living Andy Cohen Mya Allen Reacts To Cookies

Here’s How Andy Cohen Reacted to Trying Mya Allen’s Cookies for the First Time

She noted that there has been high demand for the cookies, which currently come in a dozen different flavors.


"The drops get larger and larger, and it's still never enough," Mya said. "I have [people in] the DMs being like, 'Did you drop [only] five cookies? Because I can't get any.' No, we're dropping thousands. It's just successful, and I'm very happy for that, and I would never complain about that. But, I do hope more people get to try the cookies."

She opened up about how her restaurant consultant background prepared her to have her own business.

Before Mya launched The Knead, she worked as a consultant for bakeries. Though nothing could fully prepare her for all of the hurdles and uncertainties that come along with owning and operating a business, Mya said that she learned a lot about what it takes to succeed from her prior role.

"My past experience, it got me ready for just the sheer level and volume I'm dealing with now. I was managing bakeries that were making lots of money every day, so I'm used to that kind of turnaround, and how that goes," Mya explained before noting that her business doesn't currently have the same "infrastructure" as those aforementioned bakeries. "But, it's still very different when you're doing it on your own."

The Summer House cast member would like to keep "building" her business and to expand the kitchens she's using so she can ultimately produce more cookies with her team.

"I'm very grateful to be in this situation..." she said. "And I'm just grateful that the followers are here to buy it."

Mya shared her best advice for any new or aspiring business owner.

While Mya said that her journey with The Knead hasn't always been smooth sailing, it has been incredibly rewarding. Her best tip for any new business owner is to be patient, and to have confidence in what you're offering or selling.

"I think it's a lot about not giving up on yourself," she explained. "There are going to be months [when] you're not making as much. Of course, before the show, my sales were not nearly what they are now. So, I think that perseverance really [separates] a good business from a bad business."

Considering the fact that the Massachusetts native started The Knead as a side hustle/passion project during the pandemic and it's now turned into her full-time gig, she's impressed with how far the brand has come.

"I'm very happy with where The Knead is now. I'm very happy to have a following... This is beyond my wildest dreams," Mya concluded. "I never thought when I started in 2020 that we would be here now. It just goes to show [that when] you put your mind to something, you can actually do it."

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