Pedro Pascal's 'The Last of Us' Jacket Is Now Finally Back in Stock

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NOW THAT HBO'S THE Last of Us has officially ended with a bloody bang, let's do some recap. It is set 20 years after the fall of civilization, meaning that anything its characters would wear would have to be durable enough to survive as long. Two decades is a heavy lift for any outerwear, but if there’s one we’d bet could outlast the apocalypse, it’s Huckberry's in-house brand Flint and Tinder’s Flannel-Lined Waxed Trucker Jacket, worn on lead actor Pedro Pascal, who plays Joel, himself.

This rugged outerwear piece has made quite a headline since debuting on the show. Introduced in 2019, it’s since become synonymous with the menswear brand. Available in eight earth-tone finishes—from the original Field Tan through a deep Black—the jacket pairs a beefy seven-ounce Martexin sailcloth, waxed on both sides for wind- and water-resistance, with a full-length blanket lining for warmth and comfort and antique-finished metal buttons. Really, think of it as your favorite denim jacket, with the same versatility, now tailored toward the cooler, wetter months.

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Unsurprisingly, this burly trucker jacket is Flint and Tinder's perennial best-seller and has garnered rave reviews from buyers over the years, who gush about everything from its overall look to durability, warmth, and Made-in-America commitment. It’s not uncommon that some like their first so much that they buy a second, which is why the jacket does sell out from time to time. But its appearance in The Last of Us, in its first episode on Jan. 15th, was a complete shock, according to Huckberry.


According to the company, they provided no samples and didn’t pay a cent for its placement, only discovering the Trucker’s inclusion when The Last of Us’s trailer was released in December. But it's easy to see why the folks behind this show chose it as part of Joel's opening fit: the inside is warm, insulated, and soft for outerwear-requiring days; the outside is hardwearing, water-resistant, and will only look better with age—basically, this outdoors-friendly jacket has everything needed for characters in The Last of Us to survive the apocalyptic climate in comfort, resilience, and style. Really, longevity is what this jacket is all about.

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Granted, The Last of Us may be just a show. But truth being stranger than fiction, the durability and overall good looks of the Flint and Tinder Flannel-Lined Waxed Trucker Jacket make it a piece for every man, whether you’re facing fungus-infested cannibals, a hiking trail in the mountain, a camping trip in the wild, or just a sleety daily commute.

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