Nancy Sinatra’s Pink Pontiac Firebird Is One Unique Ride

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Nancy Sinatra’s Pink Pontiac Firebird Is One Unique Ride
Nancy Sinatra’s Pink Pontiac Firebird Is One Unique Ride

Being the daughter of a famous singer comes with a number of perks, especially when you also enjoy a successful music career. Nancy Sinatra back in the day decided she didn’t want to get a car just like everyone else’s, so she opted for a Pontiac Firebird.

Hailstorm pummels car dealership.

While many people think Sinatra got a custom color, the hue you see is called Pink Mist, it was in fact a factory color for 1968. But to get one with Pink Mist over white, that was a special order from the factory.

Image via Lou Costabile/YouTube
Image via Lou Costabile/YouTube

In other words, Nancy didn’t have to pull any strings through her father to get this Firebird, but she didn’t go to a dealership and pick it off the lot. We think the combination looks fantastic.


Looks are great and all, but power is even better. Sinatra went big on that, skipping past the six-cylinder options and going for the 400ci V8. Did Nancy have a bit of a need for speed? It’s possible.

Nancy Sinatra got some nice extras on her car, like the hood tac. We’re going to go out on a limb here and say she didn’t just know about boots and walking but was and probably still is a bit of a gearhead. Either that or someone who knew something was counseling her. But we’ll give her the credit rather than make the dumb assumption that no women understand cars.

Back in 2021, Nancy old ’68 Firebird was put up for auction by the current owner through Mecum. The new owner recently showed the car off to YouTuber Lou Costabile and it still looks fantastic. The guy used to own a Firebird when he was in high school and his wife loves the color, so they’re both happy with their new classic ride.

Check out the video to hear more from the current owner and admire the Pontiac’s many fine angles.

Images via Lou Costabile/YouTube