Nashville Middle Schoolers Steal Their Teacher’s Car

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Nashville Middle Schoolers Steal Their Teacher’s Car
Nashville Middle Schoolers Steal Their Teacher’s Car

Two 12-year-old middle schoolers in Nashville, Tennessee are in some serious trouble after they stole their teacher’s 2024 Honda CR-V. The duo took the little crossover on quite the road trip, driving all the way to Bucksnort via Interstate 40 before they were caught by authorities.

Watch a 12-year-old boy lead police on a crazy chase that ends in a big crash.

We know crime, especially car theft, is out of control in Nashville, Tennessee but learning that some middle schoolers stole a teacher’s vehicle at the school is next level. According to WSMV, the kids saw their teacher leave the Honda’s key on her desk and decided they wanted to steal.


The fact that was even in the minds of these two is concerning and leaves us with plenty of unanswered questions.

When they swiped the CR-V on June 11 just before 3 pm, they were eventually missed and the teacher obviously realized her key and vehicle were gone. It probably wasn’t too hard to figure out what happened.

Fortunately, one of the boys had his iPad with him and a parent was able to use that to track his location. Tennessee Highway Patrol used that information to corner the kids and take them into custody, retrieving the stolen vehicle as well.

There’s no word in the report about the condition of the Honda, so we assume the tweens didn’t crash and didn’t otherwise trash it. That alone is a miracle.

This incident serves as a perfect reminder that you should keep your car key secured at all times, especially when you’re out in public. That includes at your place of employment, whether you’re a teacher or work in an office. After all, not everyone is quite so honest, so if you leave your key where they can grab it, you might find yourself in a similar position as this nurse.

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