11 Natural Hair Influencers You Should Follow For Hair Growth Secrets, Curly Hair Tutorials, And Styling Tips

If you've been following the online natural hair community for a while, you're probably familiar with some of the most popular creators on YouTube, like Whitney White (Naptural85), Kelsey and Kendra Murrell (The GlamTwinz), and Monica (MoKnowsHair).

Side-by-sides of Whitney White, Kelsey and Kendra Murrell, and Monica
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Over the years, several other content creators have been blowing up across TikTok, YouTube, and Instagram. So, if you're looking for more talented, creative, and informative creators to watch, here are 11 influencers who will enhance your natural hair game:

1.Temitope Adesina

Temitope is a lifestyle, beauty, and fashion content creator with over 224K followers on Instagram. And can we talk about her IG photoshoots? Absolutely flawless. She has tons of natural hair tutorials, so if you're ever unsure about what hairstyle you want to try next, you'll have endless inspo to choose from.

You can follow Temitope on Instagram @temi.adesina and YouTube @temiadesina.

2.Yar Sudani

Yar shares natural hair and beauty content across their social media platforms, including TikTok where the creator has a whopping 2.1 million followers. Expect satisfying wash day videos, quick tutorials, and hair care tips — especially for 4c hair.


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You can follow Yar on Instagram @theesudani, TikTok @theesudani, and YouTube @yarsudani.

3.Farida Sharma

Farida goes in-depth in her videos to teach you how to achieve healthy hair growth. Along with sharing her own hair journey, she has tons of secrets and DIY recipes using Ayurvedic ingredients that are well-known for promoting hair growth and length retention. Farida also started her own hair care brand that features vegan, chemical-free, and toxin-free products.

You can follow Farida on Instagram @curlyproverbz and YouTube @CurlyProverbz. And you can check out her brand, Curly Proverbz, here.

4.Daviana Mercedes

From curly hair care to body and skin care, Daviana is your go-to source for the best, clean product finds on the market. She regularly posts fun shopping trips, how-to tutorials, and product reviews so you can learn what works for you based on your porosity, hair needs, and more.

You can follow Daviana on Instagram @curlsbydaviana, TikTok @curlsbydaviana, and YouTube @curlsbydaviana.

5.Rayna Ali-Patterson

Rayna often tries out new products on her channel, so you can see what actually works before you buy it for yourself. Oh, and if you've been trying to master your wash 'n' go, she has plenty of tips so you can get your method down.

You can follow Rayna on Instagram @happycurlhappygirl, TikTok @happycurlhappygirl, and YouTube @happycurlhappygirl.

6.Will Humphrey

Will does it all — from hair product reviews to relatable (and hilarious) chitchat vlogs — and let me tell you, his video editing is phenomenal. If you're curious about the latest products and looking for helpful tips for your natural hair journey, you'll absolutely love his channel.

You can follow Will on Instagram @willnotwilly and YouTube @willonawhim.

7.Brittany Rose

If you want to stay updated on what's going on in the natural hair world, look no further. From hair growth tips and DIYs to product reviews to the latest trends and news in the Black hair community, Brittany covers it all. The creator also has her own natural hair care line, A Naturale Rose.

You can follow Brittany on Instagram @brittt.rose, TikTok @britttanyrose, and YouTube at Brittany Rose. And you can check out her hair care line here.


Denisha shares natural hair and lifestyle content across her social media platforms. You'll be inspired to try out her creative hairstyles for various occasions (like, this elegant updo for formal events), and if you love get-ready-with-me's, you'll love her fashion and beauty vids on TikTok.

You can follow Denisha on Instagram @naturally.nish, TikTok @naturally.nish, and YouTube @naturallynish.

9.Bianca Renee

Bianca Renee is one of the OGs in the natural hair community and has been sharing hair content on YouTube for a decade. She reviews and recommends clean hair care products and has ~amazing~ advice to help you improve your routine and reach your curly hair goals.

You can follow Bianca Renee on Instagram @mzbiancarenee, TikTok @mzbiancarenee, and YouTube @BiancaReneeToday.


Closeup of Keke

Keke's content is super informative and will take your hair journey to the next level. She shares game-changing tips across her social media, like which ingredients to avoid in hair care products, how to reduce frizz while styling, the best ways to apply products based on hair porosity, and more.

You can follow Keke on Instagram @kekekurly, TikTok @kekekurly, and YouTube @kekekurly.

And finally...


Closeup of Aleia

Aleia is an expert when it comes to heatless curls and will help you master flexi rods, roller sets, Curlformers, and much more. Her channel features fun product reviews and helpful tips to improve your technique for stunning, heat-free styles that will keep your natural curls healthy.

You can follow Aleia on Instagram @asalwaysaleia, TikTok @asalwaysaleia, and YouTube @AsAlwaysAleia.

There are SO many incredible natural hair content creators out there, so who would you add to this list? Let us know your faves in the comments below!