Nebraska Woman Accused Of Stealing Over $27,000 In Gas

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Nebraska Woman Accused Of Stealing Over $27,000 In Gas
Nebraska Woman Accused Of Stealing Over $27,000 In Gas

We all remember back when gas was cheap and life was good. While the rest of us grumble every time we fill up the tank, a woman in Nebraska allegedly found a way to get over 7,000 gallons of gasoline for free. Now she’s facing a criminal charge for the theft.

Here’s a surefire way to disappoint your mother.

The total value of the gas she’s accused of stealing is $27,860.27. That means a charge of theft by unlawful taking $5,000+ and possibly stiff penalties in the future.

Dawn Thompson, 45, allegedly figured out after software update at the Pump and Pantry in Lincoln, Nebraska that scanning her rewards card twice put the pump into demo mode, reports KOLN. That meant the gas could be pumped for free.


After months, a loss prevention manager discovered what was happening and noticed one particular rewards card was used over and over to get free gas. Doing some sleuthing, the manager discovered it allegedly was Thompson using that card.

The company was also able to pull surveillance footage showing Thompson pumping fuel into her car multiple times. This went on for what police investigators believe was a several month period from mid-November 2022 to the beginning of June 2023. They say Thompson used her rewards card 510 times in that span, which does seem a little high.

Authorities allege Thompson went even further, charging another woman to use her rewards card and even selling the card to someone after the software glitch was fixed.

It’s amazing how people will constantly be searching for a way to get something for free, whether it’s your car, gas, or Gucci from the mall. We guess they think stealing is a victimless crime, even though businesses are run by people and have employees to pay.

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