Neglected Pair Of Barn Find Pontiac Trans Ams Rescued After 30 Years

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It’s always nice to see old cars being appreciated instead of abandoned.

Too often we cover cars which sit for decades, rotting away in a barn, field, etc. Its’ a heartbreaking scenario since these machines were designed to be driven and enjoyed, but instead they’re left in a sad state. Thankfully, the pair of videos accompanying this article show a group rescuing two second-gen Pontiac Trans Ams (the guy calls them Bandit cars, but they’re not) and start to show the muscle cars the love they deserve.

The cars were being kept in a barn in rural South Carolina, so they’re actually barn find cars and not barn find condition cars. It looks like whatever the structure was built for originally, it’s now being used as a garage and storage shed. Some other cars are in the structure, and one makes an appearance in the next video. Making matters a little worse is the fact the barn is open to the elements, so the cars have plenty of that valuable barn find dust on them.

Instead of just some guy rescuing these cars, it was a shop and dealer that specializes in restoring classic Pontiacs, particularly Trans Ams. That means they’re in good hands and should eventually end up with someone who will appreciate them for what they are.


The second video accompanying this article provides an update on the restoration of the two muscle cars. First, the big surprise is a black one is now in the mix. That white one which cleaned up nicely at the car wash sold quickly, so it’s not in the second video. Both of the remaining cars have what you might call a “healthy patina” so they’re not nearly as pretty. If you’re interested in these cars, they were still for sale when the video dropped, although you never know at this point. Neither car is a numbers-matching, so that means they’re relatively affordable but you won’t win any awards for correctness.

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