Netflix is launching a remastered 'World of Goo' on May 23rd

It will be available to all members with no ads or in-app purchases.

World of Goo

You can soon log into your Netflix account and build bridges, towers, zeppelins and other structures with jiggly talking balls of goo. The World of Goo, the physics-based hit game by indie developer 2D Boy, is being remastered for mobile exclusively for the streaming giant. And when it launches on May 23rd, you can play it for free, with no ads on in-app purchases, regardless of your membership tier.

The physics game first launched in 2008 for Microsoft Windows and Wii before it made its way to Android and iOS, Mac OS, Linux and Switch in the years that followed. To win a level in the game, you'll have to use the balls of goo to build structures and get over pits, hills and other obstacles. There are several species of goo, and each one comes with its own unique ability.

The remaster still features the same levels, puzzles and areas, but the art has been updated to double the resolution of the original game. It has also been optimized for modern screen sizes so that it would look good on any device. The game will save your progress across devices, but take note that it tracks each profile separately.

Back in March, Netflix announced its plans to add roughly 40 more titles to its gaming library, in hopes that you can find at least one that appeals to you. Back then, Netflix VP of external games Leanne Loombe said users are mostly drawn to three specific types of games, including titles they recognize from elsewhere and ones that encourage daily play. World of Goo certainly fits those two categories.