The 10 US Cities Where Drivers Care The Least About Fuel Economy

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minneapolis suv roads

Wealthy Californians with a taste for efficient cars have made the electric Tesla Model S the most popular new car in some of the country's fanciest zip codes.

Other states don't care so much about fuel economy. The folks at iSeeCars, a site created to help consumers find used and new cars for sale, crunched the data from 30 million used car sales around the U.S. to find where MPG numbers matter to buyers, and where they don't.

Here are the largest 10 American cities, ranked by the percent of cars sold that get 22.5 miles per gallon or less:

us cities ranked by low mpg cars

And here are large cities ranked by ranked by the percent of cars sold that get 30 miles per gallon or more:

us cities ranked by fuel economy cars

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