Best new car deals for family travel

The holiday season is upon us and if you're in the market for a new car either as a generous gift or for winter family travel, there are plenty of deals available. The 2013 model year is in full swing, but there are lots of incentives on the outgoing 2012 models.

Before you decide on a leftover 2012 model, do the math and make sure it's worth buying what will be a used car in a matter of weeks. Or, if you're looking at a new 2013, keep in mind that you might be paying extra to get the latest and greatest. Also note that in our reliability surveys we have often found that new or revamped models have more problems in their first year than in subsequent model years.

All the vehicles highlighted below are good deals on family cars that are roomy and comfortable. The 2012 models listed offer 10 or 15 percent off MSRP; dealers may also be interested in negotiating further to clear the floor and make room for the 2013s. Before negotiating for any new car, shoppers should check our detailed pricing for local deals, rebates, and hidden direct-to-dealer incentives. (Learn more about car pricing.)


The models listed below are just a few of our Best New Car Deals, meaning they offer notable discounts on models that meet Consumer Reports' criteria to be recommended. These vehicles scored well in our testing, had average or better reliability in our subscriber survey, and performed well in government or insurance-industry safety tests, if evaluated.

See our full list of deals on 2012 and some 2013 models.