The best gas-saving car tires

Automakers, chasing ever higher federal fuel-economy targets, have been turning to low-rolling-resistance tires for years to save fuel. In the past, we found that low-rolling-resistance tires could sacrifice braking to get better fuel efficiency. And at best, the tires will save you only 1 or 2 mpg. But tire technology is improving, and we're finding more models with low rolling resistance that are also good all-around performers.

Keep in mind that tires can deliver their top fuel efficiency and performance only if you keep them properly inflated. When shopping, you should focus first on tires that have good ratings for braking performance and handling, as well as hydroplaning resistance. Then, once you've settled on a few models that meet those criteria, use rolling resistance as a tie-breaker.

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These tires scored Excellent for rolling resistance in our tests while achieving a Good or better overall score.

All-season (T speed rated)

Michelin Energy Saver A/S

Cooper GFE

Performance all-season (H speed rated)

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