This Electric Motorcycle Lap At TT Zero 2014 Is Insane: Video

TT Zero is a relatively new addition to the Isle of Man Tourist Trophy road race meeting that takes place each June.

Despite its novelty, it's also raising more than a few eyebrows. None more so than this year, when experienced racer John McGuinness rode the lap you see above.

That's because over one, standing-start lap of the infamous 37.733-mile Snaefell Mountain Course, McGuinness averaged over 117 mph on his electric Mugen Honda motorcycle.

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If you're unfamiliar with the course, there's no better way of putting those kind of speeds into perspective than watching the video.


At points, McGuinness's head clears dry stone walls by mere inches. At others, his tires leave the tarmac completely, the eventual landing causing the bike to shimmy for hundreds of feet afterwards.

At one stage, the bike's bodywork can be heard scraping the ground through a compression at well over a hundred miles per hour.