How to fold a Nissan GT-R into a Juke in hundreds of difficult steps



Pound for kilo, dollar for yen, there's arguably no better supercar for the money on Earth today than the Nissan GT-R. Which is why this effort by Nissan to mate the heart of a GT-R with the body of the compact Nissan Juke to create the Juke-R seems barking mad in every good sense of the phrase.

Huge engines swapped into tiny cars always equal fun, but the GT-R's heart -- a 530-hp twin-turbo V6 paired to a trick 6-speed gearbox and all-wheel drive system -- makes for a wickedly complicated transfer. To be accurate, it's not so much that Nissan and partner RML Motorsport is putting the GT-R's engine in a Juke, but that a GT-R's frame is being chopped and shortened to fit into a Juke body bolstered with a race-ready roll cage and seats.

You can see the level of Frankengineering necessary for this stunt in the video below, along with the several others Nissan has posted so far. After finessing two copies, Nissan will supposedly decide whether to sell a few to the public. Madness may be required.

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