Man vs Machine: Battle for Parking Lot Supremacy

The machines will replace us all. This much we know. The question is, when? In the realm of parallel parking, your hard-won skills may already be obsolete. Ford has developed a robotic parking system that allows some new Fords and Lincolns to identify a parking spot and then, with very little human oversight, pull into said spot. The driver works the gas and brake pedal, and shifts the car from forward to reverse to wiggle into a space, but the steering is handled entirely by the car itself. It's another step toward the automated car—if it works.

To find out whether Ford's built the Terminator of parallel parking, Ezra Dyer took a Lincoln MKT to the mean streets of Boston and challenged it to a skills contest. (It accepted.) Who's a better parker, man or machine? Is Ford's system a gimmick or a glimpse of our automated future? Watch this video to find out:

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