Star Wars meets biker bars with Storm Trooper motorcycle gear

While we wouldn’t suggest you visit a biker bar while dressed like a storm trooper, this new line of Star Wars motorcycle apparel makes such an adventure a far more realistic possibility.

Created by UD Replicas, the officially licensed Star Wars motorcycle gear is more than just a statement of your loyalty to the Empire — it’s also high-grade protective apparel that comes with CE-approved body armor and other legitimate safety features. Sold individually as a jacket, pants, gloves, and boots (sorry, no helmet… yet), the gear is available in classic Storm Trooper white or “Shadow Trooper” black.

Here are some of the other features of the gear:


Raised rib detailing on the sleeves, shoulders, legs, torso and midsection perfectly replicating the look of rigid armor.
Adjustable forearms, biceps, thighs and shin leather armor allow for a personalized ‘custom’ body fit.
Waist belt is part of the jacket and not removable. Cleverly hidden is the main front zipper which has 3 main access points providing function, while allowing the main torso armor to be uncompromised and true to what was seen on screen.
Snap buttons on the cuffs and wrist zippers.
Jacket and Pants zip together at the waist essentially converting this to a one-piece body suit.
Removable quilted cotton lining.
CE-approved body armor in the shoulders, forearms/elbow, back spine protector, thighs and knee/shin armor is standard for riders but is easily removed for day-to-day wear.
Made from grade-A cowhide.

The full, form-molded leather set will run you around $1145 ($1165 Canadian), but you can pick up each part of it separately if that’s more your style. Like we mentioned above, though, you’ll have to come up with your own helmet — wearing the suit into a biker bar is definitely not recommended.

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