Talking Cars: Our car experts take on rapid-fire reader questions

In episode six of "Talking Cars with Consumer Reports," our experts take on rapid-fire reader questions covering car buying, testing, and enthusiasm.

Fast-paced and fun, this video podcast features Gabe Shenhar, Jon Linkov, and Tom Mutchler discussing the Scion FR-S, Toyota trucks past and future, Chrysler's Uconnect infotainment system, and what fuel-efficient crossovers can fit both people and dog cages inside. The questions were received via the blog, Facebook, and YouTube.

This episode marks the end of our initial Talking Cars experiment. Think of it as a pilot series to test the waters. We will pause production, evaluate progress, and review feedback, before committing to an ongoing program. We've been sincerely pleased by the reactions we've received here and on YouTube, and thank our viewers for their ongoing support, interest, and engagement—a key aspect to the show.

The question now is: Should we continue? Watch the video below, and please share your comments and suggestions.

As with the other shows, this episode is also be available for free through the iTunes store. Subscribe to the video or audio.

—Tom Mutchler

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