Tips for safe winter driving

Nemo and other winter storms can make travel treacherous. The key to safe driving is to simply wait out the storm. And remember, even after the snow falls, the roads can still be slippery. When the sun breaks through, and it is time to hit the road, the following tips may help keep you safe.

Where drivers often run into trouble is waiting too long to return home as a storm approaches, leaving them caught in a storm's clutches. While there may always be the desire for just one more errand, it is better to wait out the storm from the safety of home.

The risk is that traction problems can lead to spending a long, cold wait on the side of a road, as well as cause issues for other motorists and even the road crews trying to plow roads.

Being mid-winter, we'll assume the car is properly shod with good all-season or snow tires. (If not, see our tire buying advice and ratings.) So, let's get into some key driving tips:

For more tips, see our complete guide to winter driving.

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