Your next phone may be fully charged in just 5 minutes!

During MWC, Xiaomi showed off a 300W charging demo which could fully charge a phone in five minutes, thus setting a new record in the mobile industry.

Video Transcript


RICHARD LAI: Here's a bit of exciting news. Your next phone may get a full charge in just five minutes. That's according to Xiaomi's demo of its upcoming 300-watt fast-charging technology. In recent years, smartphone brands have been trying to outpace each other when it comes to charging speeds. Last year was mainly about the 121 or 150-watt offerings from the likes of Xiaomi, Vivo, and Oppo, which brought the charging time down to as low as 15 minutes.

Then, in October, Xiaomi followed up with a 210-watt charging solution on the Redmi Note 12 Discovery Edition, only to be beaten by Oppo with a 240-watt version on two Realme handsets just this February. Both these solutions can fully charge a phone in around 9 minutes, which is very fast, considering that even the latest Samsung handsets take around an hour, as they are capped at 45-watts.