NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell schools Jim Jordan on the first amendment

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NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell testified at a House Oversight Committee hearing yesterday on the toxic workplace culture of the Washington Commanders. In a surprise twist, Goodell was not the biggest villain in the room for once.

Rather than take the allegations against team owner Daniel Snyder seriously, House Republicans used the opportunity to engage in partisan politics. Led by Ohio rep Jim Jordan, they grandstanded, gaslighted and blamed President Joe Biden for global inflation and high gas prices – spurred in large part by price gouging from oil companies and Russia’s criminal invasion of Ukraine.

They also deflected attention from the allegations (which include sexual assault) by sucking up to Dave Portnoy and attacking the NFL. Watch Jordan try to challenge Commissioner Goodell on Jack del Rio’s recent $100,000 fine for his comments downplaying the violent January 6 insurrection only to get schooled on the first amendment.

Snyder elected not to show up for the hearing. Committee Chair Carolyn Maloney says she will issue a subpoena to compel him to testify.

Seattle is not scheduled to play Washington this coming season and it’s unlikely either team will make the playoffs with their current rosters.


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