Nikki Sixx’s 1971 Chevelle Auctions For $110,000 In Scottsdale

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Nikki Sixx’s 1971 Chevelle Auctions For $110,000 In Scottsdale
Nikki Sixx’s 1971 Chevelle Auctions For $110,000 In Scottsdale

It’s not every day you get to bid on a rock star’s classic muscle car, but plenty of people did with Nikki Sixx’s 1971 Chevelle SS and one of them came out on top for $110,000. Some might think that’s a ton of cash to pay for the convertible, regardless of its condition or famous owner, but with the way classic vehicle prices have been going recently it’s hardly surprising.

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Part of the reason why the car, which has been owned by the Motley Crue bassist for some time, looks so fantastic is it went through a frame-off rotisserie restoration that supposedly spared no expense. Everyone will interpret that however they will, and people do get creative with some claims when selling a restored ride, but you have to admit the Chevelle sure looks good through and through.

That Cranberry Red is a factory color and looks great with the black interior, like something a rock star would drive. Plus, this Chevy is kicking hard with an LS5 Turbo Jet 454. We’d rather see a manual, but the car has a 3-speed automatic transmission and a 3.55 posi rear. All in all it’s not a bad setup for cruising around town or even hitting the open road, if you want to chance rock throws and such.

There’s a big debate constantly going back and forth about how much celebrity ownership affects the price of a car, classic or modern. We think it all comes down to the celebrity and how buyers feel about that individual. In this case Nikki Sixx’s reputation certainly didn’t seem to hurt the value, but we’re not sure just how much it bumped it up.

Ultimately, if the new owner is satisfied with the purchase and enjoys the muscle car, it was a good move. But time will tell what happens with Chevelle prices and the legacy of the rocker who used to own this one.

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