Nissan Armada Proves Tough To PIT

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Nissan Armada Proves Tough To PIT
Nissan Armada Proves Tough To PIT

Yet again we have an interesting dashcam video from one of the most fascinating police departments in the country, at least when it comes to chases, Arkansas State Police. This time around Trooper Ronald Elkins is pursuing a Nissan Armada, the very type of vehicle we’re used to seeing hauling kids to soccer practice, not trying to ditch the cops.

Watch a suspect brake check Arkansas State Police here.

What’s really interesting is the dashcam video starts out pretty tame with Trooper Elkins catching up to the suspect on an off-ramp. The driver even stops at a traffic light and puts on his blinker instead of blowing the red light and turning off all his lights. However, the driver just keeps going, slowly, despite lights and sirens behind him.

Things get a little weirder when the Armada driver signals a lane change, then punches the accelerator and tries pulling away. The thing is these full-size SUVs aren’t known for being quick, so Trooper Elkins keeps up with ease. Plus, not only does he have the license plate number, the guy has his business contact info prominently displayed on the back of the vehicle.


As the suspect tries turning right, Trooper Elkins is able to PIT the Nissan, which spins around. But the driver uses that momentum to drive off the road and back on, turning completely around and fleeing yet again. This just shows how doing a PIT maneuver on a heavier vehicle can be a bit of a challenge.

Trooper Elkins does a great job of catching back up, getting alongside the Armada once more, and executing a beautiful PIT maneuver that spins the three-row SUVs right around like a record player. Realizing his SUV is done, the driver jumps out and tries to run, but like many times that doesn’t go well at all for him.

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