Nissan GT-R R35 Concludes Legendary Run with Special Editions

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The iconic model is coming to an end.

The 17-year production of the iconic Nissan GT-R R35 will come to an end this October, marking the conclusion of an era for one of the most celebrated sports cars in automotive history. Nissan confirmed the news in a recent announcement, revealing that the final models will be the limited-production T-spec Takumi Edition and Skyline Edition.

“After more than 17 years of thrilling fans and exhilarating drivers, GT-R production for the North American market will sunset in October,” Nissan stated. “Since its launch, the R35 GT-R has delivered supercar-rivaling performance and excitement for a supercar-beating price tag, engaging a new generation of automotive enthusiasts in the U.S., and showing many more expensive sports cars its taillights on the racetrack.”


Launched in 2008, the R35 GT-R, affectionately known as "Godzilla," became a favorite among sports car enthusiasts for its blend of practicality and performance. It garnered numerous performance car awards and consistently impressed in motorsports. Road & Track lauded the GT-R in its debut year as “the most potent automobile to ever come from Japan” and “the most exotic car on the planet.”

The T-spec Takumi Edition and Skyline Edition will honor the legacy of the R35 GT-R. The T-spec Takumi Edition features a striking Midnight purple paint job, while the Skyline Edition boasts the Bayside blue paint, a tribute to the classic shade reintroduced in 2019. The T-spec Takumi, named after the master engine craftsmen of the GT-R’s VR38DETT engines, includes mechanical enhancements from the GT-R NISMO model. These final editions will arrive at U.S. Nissan dealerships this summer, with fewer than 200 units available.

“While the R35 GT-R leaves an unforgettable legacy, Nissan is now focused on the future and the next era of exciting innovation in performance,” the automaker concluded.

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