The Nissan Max-Out Concept Is an Electric Future We Can Get Behind

nissan max out concept convertible ev
The Nissan Max-Out EV Is a Stunning Future ConceptNissan

Nissan revealed a stunning new concept at its global headquarters in Yokohama on Wedesday called the Max-Out. It's an all-electric convertible with distinct looks and an eye towards the future.

A physical embodiment of a similar concept developed by Nissan back in 2021, the Max-Out is a two-seater drop-top that meshes Nissan's design scheme to a retro Eighties vibe. The front and rear fascias are stuffed into long, rectangular grilles that contain lighting, while the wheels each have their own neon-esque light sources.

Inside the Max-Out you'll find a steering yoke with its top half illuminated, along with two lounge-looking seats and a gigantic screen for things like vehicle status and infotainment. According to Nissan, the seats can morph to flatten for more storage space, making the Max-Out as practical as it is stylish.

nissan max out concept convertible ev

Nissan claims the Max-Out is designed to deliver stability and comfort while also providing "dynamic cornering and steering response." The car is said to be very lightweight, and uses the company's e-4ORCE dual-motor all-wheel-drive system. The company hasn't released power figures for the car, but for some context, a Leaf concept with this drivetrain made 304 hp and 501 lb-ft of torque. Sounds like a fun time to us.


While there are likely no plans to put the Max-Out into production, the car gives us a hint of what's to come from Nissan's future lineup. It'll be on display at Nissan's HQ from February 4 to March 1.

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