Nissan Might Be Killing Two Of Its Cheapest, Most Popular Cars

2023 Nissan Altima SR
2023 Nissan Altima SR

The death of cheap-ish sedans and small cars continues. Maybe. If speculation from Motor 1 based off a future timeline from Automotive News is to believed, Nissan’s Altima and Versa sedans are gone after 2025.

Automotive News has its ears close to the industry — close enough that it has a pretty good idea of what models are coming and what’s going away for future years based off news and internal sources. Its future product timeline for Nissan shows an end for the Altima and Versa in 2025. These two going away could be making way for a new EV sedan that’s supposed to come in 2026, according to Auto News.

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If the guillotine comes for the Altima, that’ll be a head scratcher. The death of the sedan is largely over exaggerated; Ford sold over 110,000 Fusions a year before it went away for instance. And the Altima still sells well, all things considered. In fact, it was Nissan’s second-best selling car in 2022 after the Rogue with 139,955 sold. Nearly 79,000 Altimas have been sold so far this year; thats enough for it to keep its second place sales position. So it’s not as if this thing went from selling over 100,000 units to just 50,000. It’s still selling.

The Versa’s sales are a different story. While sales were up 115 percent in Q3 2023, Nissan has still only moved just 11,014 this year.

Whatever the future holds for these two models, appreciate them… I can’t even bring myself to say appreciate them while you can. Who’s going to appreciate an Altima or Versa? One way or the other, whatever happens, we’ll either be surprised by it or not at all.

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