Nissan will retrofit a 2021 Rogue safety fix after 2-star crash rating

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The redesigned 2021 Nissan Rogue scored a two-star crash test rating in the National Highway Transportation Safety Administration's front passenger-side crash test. Now, Nissan is going to offer a fix, as reported by Roadshow.

This new report says that Rogues built after January 28, 2021, already have the retrofit applied to them, but new Rogues built before then will be called in for service to apply the fix.

Roadshow obtained a copy of Nissan’s statement, and the text is below.

Nissan is committed to vehicle safety and is pleased with the 2021 Nissan Rogue's overall 4-star NCAP safety rating. All 2021 Rogue vehicles fully comply with federal safety standards.

Nissan is aware of the two-star NCAP rating for front-passenger safety for 2021 Rogue vehicles assembled at Nissan's Kyushu, Japan, manufacturing facility prior to Jan. 28, 2021. Nissan applied an update to the front passenger restraint system on all 2021 Rogue vehicles assembled at Nissan's Smyrna, Tennessee, plant, and all vehicles produced after Jan. 28 at the Kyushu plant. Therefore the two-star front-passenger safety rating only applies to the vehicles produced at the Kyushu plant prior to Jan. 28.

To ensure customer confidence and satisfaction, Nissan will soon launch a service campaign to update 2021 Rogue vehicles produced in Kyushu prior to January 28, 2021. Owners will receive notification as to when to bring their vehicle in for updates.

The front-passenger safety systems in the vehicles that received the update have yet to be tested by NHTSA. An additional test of the 2021 Rogue is scheduled with results expected in May.

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That statement does most of the heavy lifting to understand what Nissan is up to, but there are still questions to be answered. The update is being applied “to the front passenger restraint system,” so that leads us to believe that Nissan is modifying the seatbelts. However, it's not completely spelled out, so we don't know exactly what it's doing. We’ve contacted Nissan in an attempt to get a more detailed explanation for what the retrofit is and how it will improve the safety rating.

The NHTSA is re-testing in May this year, so we’ll be circling back to this story again at that time to see if Nissan’s fix helps improve its test scores.

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