Not Getting Enough Attention In Your Cybertruck? Just Pay $60,000 To Gold Plate It

Screenshot: Jerry Rig Everything on YouTube
Screenshot: Jerry Rig Everything on YouTube

Many of the people who bought Tesla Cybertrucks did so because they thought driving a rolling statement piece would make them seem cooler. Unfortunately, every dork with a podcast in every mid-sized town in America thought the same thing, and they’re proving deeply uncool and as poorly constructed as the drivers’ sense of self. If you went out and spent six figures to get a Cybertruck, but there are ten others in your town already, you are going to have to do something to set yourself apart from the crowd. How about dropping another 60 grand to gold plate your previously-stainless-steel behemoth?

I will admit, the process of electroplating stainless steel is incredibly interesting, and I learned a lot watching this video from the very good and informative YouTube channel JerryRigEverything. Despite sharing its acronym with the “Joe Rogan Experience,” this JRE is much more scientific in its processes, showing the work of how the electroplating actually sticks to the truck.

So this YouTuber didn’t go out and buy a Cybertruck and drop the price of another, more premium, automobile on 20K gold puree to slather on it. This project was actually assembled for a giveaway for one of his sponsors. If someone came to me with the opportunity to learn how to gold plate their truck for free, I absolutely would jump at that chance, so I can’t fault this guy at all for doing it. And if I’m being honest, the end result is at least 10 percent cooler than a stock Cybertruck. That’s damning with faint praise, but praise nonetheless.


You should definitely carve out 13 and a half minutes of your day to watch this video. You might learn a thing or two. And maybe you’ll want to gold plate something of your own.

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