Notorious Tesla Road Rager Sentenced To 5 Years In Prison

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Notorious Tesla Road Rager Sentenced To 5 Years In Prison
Notorious Tesla Road Rager Sentenced To 5 Years In Prison

He allegedly was using steroids at the time.

Back in February we covered the bizarre story of an allegedly roided-out Tesla driver arrested after he attacked several other motorists in Los Angeles road rage incidents. Now that man has been sentenced to five years in prison for his crimes, showing that road rage is most definitely a stupid crime to commit.

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During 2022 residents of the Los Angeles area lived in increasing fear that they might fall victim to this man. Videos shared via social media showed the road rager emerging from his Tesla with a long pipe or a crowbar, challenging other drivers before taking a few good whacks at their vehicle and driving off.


When police caught up with the guy, they reportedly found steroids in his Tesla. They also discovered he had been arrested before for road rage attacks. It’s almost like some people don’t learn their lesson the first time.

As detailed out by ABC7, Nathaniel Walter Radimak, whom people know on social media as “Tesla road rage guy,” was sentenced back on September 11. He picked up a string of charges, including multiple felonies, with several like assault, elder abuse, and criminal threats resulting in court convictions.

According to ABC7, Radimak seemed to target women more than men in the attacks. Perhaps he felt his size and the fact he was holding a weapon allowed him to more easily intimidate female drivers. We just think that makes him a word we’re not going to publish but you can guess easily.

Our best advice for dealing with a road rager like this is to always leave yourself enough room to drive out of a spot if you ever stop. When the other person gets out of their vehicle and has a weapon or is just acting aggressive or violent, drive off and get somewhere safe, like a police station. The absolute worst thing you can do is get out of your vehicle and try confronting the person.

Ultimately, people need to stop taking everything that happens on the road personally. And everyone needs to drive with more courtesy. After all, each person on the road is trying to get somewhere, not just you, so it isn’t some zero-sum competition.