You Can Now Buy a New Vintage Aston Martin Engine, Gearbox

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You Can Now Buy a New Vintage Aston Martin EngineMax Earey

Aston Martin is about to bring some exciting restoration options to the owners of the brand’s genuine historic models. That’s because Aston Martin Works, the classic car department of the automaker, has just announced that it will now be offering a range of key components for models like the DB4, DB5, DB6 and later V-8-powered cars.

The parts on offer from Aston Martin Works are slated to include key powertrain hardware such as fresh engine blocks, new cylinder heads, and even complete gearboxes. Aston Martin will manufacture some of the components themselves to original specifications, while suppliers like ZF will handle recreating their own original parts for the car. It marks the first time since the 1970s that ZF has built a gearbox designed to accommodate vintage Astons, which alongside the engines should help get some ill-fated cars back on the road.

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Aston Martin

Aston Martin Works will also inspect every component it sells to ensure its quality ahead of customer delivery. All of the remanufactured and recreated components will also come backed with the documentation that an owner would need to satisfy a keyed-in concours judge. Owners could even purchase a second engine and gearbox for track work if they so choose, preserving their cars numbers-matching powertrain for historical reasons. It is also worth noting that vehicles with these parts installed can also still be enrolled in Aston Martin’s Assured Provenance program.


Aston Martin Works has yet to share the full catalog of parts on offer for their historic models, though these powertrain components aren’t the only things on offer. The automaker already sells everything from gaskets and shocks to new carburetors for the DB4, DB5 and DB6. Pricing varies depending on the parts themselves, but nothing is particularly cheap. Not that vintage Aston owners are all that concerned with saving a buck while preserving their ride.

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Max Earey

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