Now You Can Buy Paul Walker’s Fast and Furious “10 Second Supra”

The beast that is “The Fast and the Furious” franchise has ballooned ever since the first edition arrived on screen back in 2001. Paul Walker and Vin Diesel were the lead characters, but the loudest star was unquestionably the “10 Second Supra.”

Come May 12, that famous bright orange 1993 Toyota Supra from the original movie will head to Mecum Auctions in Indianapolis, expected to fetch around $200,000. Just don’t expect it to run a sub-10.

This particular Supra is one of a few built for the movie; only this is the one used in that memorable final scene where the late Walker (Brian O’Connor) in the Supra races Diesel (Dominic Toretto) in his Dodge Charger, jumping across railroad tracks before Diesel crashes into a semi-truck.

However, this Supra won’t hit the quarter mile in 10 seconds like it appeared to in the movie. Under the hood lies a naturally aspirated, 220-hp 2JZ-GE 3-liter inline 6 engine meshed to a 5-speed manual transmission. The car does feature a pair of Holley Performance nitrous-oxide bottles, though, but they aren’t connected.

Heavy duty suspension and a roll cage were added for filming, and as you can see in the imagery, the interior isn’t very luxurious. The exterior, however, is movie ready – with a Bomex body kit, APR rear wing and Dazz alloy wheels wrapped in Yokohama rubber. (Click the picture above for more images of the car.)

Of all the Furious movies from the last 14 years, it’s the first one that remains the most memorable. And of all the lines, Walker’s final closing statement: “I owe you a 10 second car.”