NY Police Tell People To Remove Car Stickers

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NY Police Tell People To Remove Car Stickers
NY Police Tell People To Remove Car Stickers

Police in the state of New York are warning drivers to remove any and all bumper stickers as well as other decals from their cars. While we’ve heard of people using stickers and magnets to obscure their license plate partially, something we don’t recommend you do, but the issue at hand is something else entirely.

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People are reacting after the Newnan Police Department shared a meme on Facebook warning about the dangers of stickers on your vehicle. Maybe you’ve seen it before, we know we’ve seen other law enforcement agencies share it in the past, but this time it’s catching a lot of attention.

The meme claims that your bumper stickers and other decals give away too much info to strangers as you travel around town. For example, putting stickers about your children’s sports teams or other hobbies lets thieves know when you’ll be away from your house. Stick family decals lets a stalker know just how many people are in your family. Stickers about other hobbies like powersports or hunting lets people know you have expensive toys at your house.


People also put stickers with their children’s school, their neighborhood, what pets they own, and even their profession. This all might seem harmless, but law enforcement has been warning for some time about advertising so much about your personal life on your car for all to see.

Also included in the meme is a warning about vanity plates since they’re easier to remember. That allows a potential stalker to spot your ride more easily, especially if it’s a common vehicle.

We’d add that political or other controversial stickers, even sports teams, have triggered other people and led to road rage or other violent incidents. But does this mean everyone needs to roll around in cars free of any decals?

We’re personally not big on bedazzling a vehicle with all kinds of clutter, but it seems a lot of people think police are overreacting about the dangers this presents. What do you think? Are there certain things you just shouldn’t put on your vehicle or should everyone just calm down and do whatever they want?

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