NYC Car Theft Ring Busted After Bragging On Instagram

NYC Car Theft Ring Busted After Bragging On Instagram
NYC Car Theft Ring Busted After Bragging On Instagram

What absolutely dumb criminals!

Yet another car theft ring has been busted, this one based out of the Bronx, after members posted incriminating photos to their social media accounts. This is hardly the first time we’ve seen criminals hand over evidence to police and prosecutors voluntarily because they feel a need to brag online, but it always makes us stop and shake our heads in disbelief.

Is your car romantic or a dud?

Per a report from New York Post, the six members of this little theft ring went on a $3 million spree as they hit car dealerships, ATMs, and cell phone stores. These guys were busy and rolling in dough from their ill-gotten gains, so they started flashing around wads of cash and expensive cars on Instagram like the Kardashians and so many other influencers.

During their run, this crew swiped 54 vehicles. Like so many others, these guys would just smash the windows at dealerships in the middle of the night, break into the key storage, and drive off with the most expensive rides. After so much success, they reportedly started waiting for the police to respond before leaving the scene, smoking officers who tried to pursue the much faster performance cars the crew had just stolen.


The six men pled guilty to over 200 thefts total, so they were working hard. If only they’d applied that worth ethic to something legal.

We really should be thankful for dumb criminals like these guys. If everyone who stole cars were smart, it would be much harder to catch them. Of course, smart people know getting your money in more legitimate ways is better because the cops can’t just knock down your door and seize everything while you spend time in the slammer. At least, that’s our working theory for why so many criminals are so dumb.

Images via New York Attorney General's Office