What Objectively Good Car Do You Hate?

Photo:  Land Rover
Photo: Land Rover

Right now, it’s tough to find an objectively bad car. There are cars that are boring, uninteresting, or not worth buying over the competition, but you’re unlikely to come across one that’s actively not good.

Lucky for all of us, a car doesn’t need to bad in order to be loathsome. We all hold in our hearts an unjustified hate, often for a car that truly did nothing wrong. Today we honor that hate, and we ask you all: What good car can you just not stand?

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Photo:  Land Rover
Photo: Land Rover

I’ll admit, I’ve softened on the latest Land Rover Defender with time. After they starting showing up in person, street parked throughout Brooklyn, I started to get it. They’re not bad looking little ‘froaders, really. But when the Defender first launched, the story was different: I hated the thing.

I thought it looked dated, underwhelming, even derivative. I drew comparisons to the early-2000s Bronco concept, with its plastic, speed-hole’d skid plate. Why was there a random painted square on the side? What in the hell was going on with those tail lights?

On release, the Defender just felt to me like a concept car left over from the halcyon early aughts. Despite the reviews, despite its objective quality, I never gave it the time of day — at least, not for months after release. It was the car I unjustifiably hated the most.

That’s my pick, but what’s yours? Is there a high-quality car, one that’s objectively good, that you just feel a deep, unjustifiable hate for? Tell us in the comments, and we’ll collect the best answers in a couple of days. Bonus points for stories — tell me why you feel such hate.

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