The Off-Road Dodge Viper Has Finally Gone Off-Roading

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The Off-Road Dodge Viper Has Finally Gone Off-Roading
The Off-Road Dodge Viper Has Finally Gone Off-Roading

We highlighted the amazing yet confusing Off-Road Dodge Viper build done by YouTuber SuperfastMatt. It’s an interesting approach we’ve never seen before. Sure, we’ve seen plenty of off-road Mustangs, Camaros, Challengers, etc. but never a Viper. We guess nobody was crazy enough to try it, until now.

Don’t do this when off-roading.

But after building such a creation, the guy only recently took the vehicle off-roading. That might sound ironic, but he was obviously making sure everything about it was buttoned up properly. For anyone who’s done a custom build before, you know what kind of a trial and error process that can be.


Finally confident enough to hit some trails, or maybe finally had enough time to do that and film it, the guy took his Viper out to the desert. Smartly, he towed it out there, not because he thought it wouldn’t make it but because he thought it might get broken during the testing.

One thing the Off-Road Viper is really good at is kicking up plenty of dust. That V10 gets the back tires spinning furiously, forming clouds and looking really cool on camera. But since the car doesn’t have four-wheel drive and lockers, all that power is also a hinderance when it comes to negotiating obstacles.

Some of the custom fab work failed or was deemed insufficient. This is why you test out your build after making sure it can run and drive. By pushing it a little you can then learn what doesn’t quite hold up under stress and go back to the lab to figure out how to fix or replace those parts.

Even with those issues, the Off-Road Viper smoked a Ford Raptor in a dirt drag race, so it’s doing just fine overall.

SuperfastMatt has some big plans for this build in the future. He says he wants to locate two spare tires in the rear, cutting up part of the trunk. That might sound horrific but the rendering he shows looks surprisingly good.

The guy is also thinking of fabricating a type of external roll cage and putting a roof-mounted tent on top. That’s pretty wild and we can’t wait to see this build continue evolving.

Images via SuperfastMatt/YouTube