This off-roading vehicle is designed for everyone

Technologies related to mobile accessibility seem to be progressing at an astounding rate, allowing people with limited mobility to experience the outdoors with ease. The Coyote 4WD from Outrider USA is an off-roading mobility machine designed with inclusivity in mind. It’s for anyone who wants to venture outdoors with no limitations. The fully-electric vehicle is waterproof, equipped with four motors and has a top speed of 22 mph. The Coyote is 33 inches high, 33 inches wide, and 60 inches long. The adaptive vehicle can be equipped with either a standard grip or Tri-Pan controls. It’s also equipped with a 6,000-watt-hour battery and has 140 miles of range when fully charged. The off-roading vehicle weighs 220 pounds with a fully independent suspension system. Coyote 4WD from Outrider USA will start at just under $14,000. To check out Outrider USA’s off-roading lineup head over to

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