Ohio Family Bought A Stolen Car From A Dealership

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Ohio Family Bought A Stolen Car From A Dealership
Ohio Family Bought A Stolen Car From A Dealership

Many people think if they buy a car from a dealership it’s been fully vetted. Among their assumptions is that the vehicle hasn’t been stolen. Unfortunately, that’s not always the case as we’ve covered time and again. A family in Ohio is the latest victim of this crime trend as people are shocked to hear their story.

Learn how the rightful owner of a car couldn’t get it back legally for 13 years.

The Glatzers purchased a used Chevy Suburban from a dealership back in February and love it. But in the middle of June they were paid a visit from Ohio State Highway Patrol and federal agents who so graciously showed up at the family’s home to tell them the SUV was stolen property, reports KKTV.


This type of scene has played out over and over. Sometimes the truth is discovered by a tech at a repair shop, other times cops show up to tow the vehicle away. The victims are always shocked because who spends thousands of dollars in car payments thinking they’re driving a stolen vehicle?

According to the family, authorities told them the Suburban had been stolen from a Hertz location in Port St. Lucie, Florida four years ago. That’s a long time for the SUV to have been missing. But a hit alerted the National Insurance Crime Bureau to the presence of the Chevy in Ohio and that’s when the ball to recover it got rolling.

Of course, the authorities towed the Suburban away, leaving the Glatzers without a family vehicle. So they contacted the dealership where they bought it only to get the runaround. We see this a lot with stolen cars that are sold to unsuspecting buyers. Why the authorities don’t or can’t hold the dealer responsible to some degree isn’t clear.

The family did something smart: they shared their story on social media and filed a complaint with the Better Business Bureau. That pressure forced the dealer to make things right, providing them with a replacement Chevy Tahoe.

But these stories don’t always have such a happy ending.

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