Oil Change Chain Accused Of Destroying Customers’ Engines

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Oil Change Chain Accused Of Destroying Customers’ Engines
Oil Change Chain Accused Of Destroying Customers’ Engines

Multiple customers of quick oil change chain Take 5 sat down with Atlanta-area news station WSB-TV to tell stories of how their engines were destroyed. We wish a report like this were shocking to us, but for a long time we’ve seen similar accusations against competitors of Take 5.

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Just about the only way we can think of for someone who’s simply changing your oil could destroy the engine is to not put any fresh oil in it. That’s what the people who were interviewed on camera said happened. Again, we’ve heard of this sort of thing going on at other quick oil change shops.


Why this seems to be such a problem at the strictly oil change places and not so much at full-fledged shops isn’t entirely clear. But we do know this has allegedly been an issue for some time. When your sole job is to drain old oil, replace the filter, and refill the engine with fresh oil, it seems odd you would forget that last step ever.

Running their engines dry, the unsuspecting customers found out after leaving Take 5 that no oil was allegedly put back in. That did damage to the engines, in some cases so extensive a new engine was needed. That’s of course not cheap, defeating part of the supposed purpose of going to these quick oil change places.

Adding insult to injury, these customers claim Take 5 gave them the runaround when they called and explained what happened to their vehicles. Instead of empathy, they allegedly were given excuses, told to do things which later supposedly voided the company’s warranty, or were just ghosted.

WSB-TV dug up lawsuits filed in different states for the same issue of oil not being put in engines. This is why we’re not big on quick lube shops. They might be cheap and convenient, but the ultimate cost could outweigh those benefits.

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