You Can Have One Car For The Rest Of Your Life, What Is It?

Screenshot: Collecting Cars on YouTube
Screenshot: Collecting Cars on YouTube

In my dreams last night I was visited by the spirit of the future of automobiles. This spirit appeared to me as, like, the general feeling of whatever the opposite of Jay Leno is. It told me that if I were to sell all of my many cars immediately and without consideration for price, I would be gifted with a single automobile of my choosing. The catch was, I’d never be able to buy or build another car ever again. Could I ever be content with just one single car instead of the eight I have now? What could possibly exist that would keep me happy?

As someone whose personality is almost entirely defined by cars, this is a question that comes up somewhat frequently. Bench racing among friends over beers or whatever, someone is bound to ask this question. I’ve had a prepared answer for at least a decade. It hasn’t changed in that time, and I doubt it ever will. The 996-generation Porsche 911 GT3 RS, with blue accents, is my one-car-forever car.

Aside from how dang expensive they’ve gotten in recent years, there isn’t anything about the 996 GT3 RS that I dislike. It’s the right size, it’s comfortable-ish enough for the road while providing a thrilling drive on the track, it’s one of the last truly analog sports cars, and while it’s aesthetically polarizing, I find it quite a good thing to look at. Moreover, the Mezger-style engine in the back of this thing means it’s actually pretty dang reliable by six-figure-sports-car standards.


Okay, so you’ve had a few minutes to mull it over. Spill it, car fiend. If you could only have one car for the rest of your life, what would it be?

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