One Man Waited 34-Years For This Ferrari

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A dream is worth waiting on.

Each one of Ferrari’s handcrafted works of art comes with the history of one-hundred eleven drivers that have helped build the reputation for winning. Not to mention the incredible engineers that designed some of the world's most beautiful automobiles. The low-slung appearance along with the unmistakably ‘80s exterior design combine to make an instantly recognizable vehicle.

Check out this recovered Ferrari here.

Purchased off eBay, Ervin Rodriguez of Cary, North Carolina waited a lifetime to bring this car home. Finding the perfect example and winning the auction was not the easiest journey for this car guy.


Mounted in between the front and rear axles in the 2.9-liter V8 engine which pushes out an incredible, for the time, 240 horsepower. That 32 valve DOHC enginie is a high-revver. Transferring that power is a gated five-speed manual transaxle which helps to spin the wheels. Wild and high-speed driving is assisted by sporty tires. Looking at the car’s exterior you’ll find the impactful Rosso Corsa finish which is perfectly complemented by the stunning leather interior. Spirited driving is a very obvious focus for the creators of this vehicle with the Targa top giving you the freedom to feel the wind on your face as you hit the 150mph top speed.

While it is certainly not the fastest Ferrari in existence, it still carries the weight of the many models that came before it and after. The beautiful design and raging red color scheme scream boldness which fits the car perfectly

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