This One-Owner Nissan 240SX May Be Perfect

1997 one owner 240sx cars and bids
This One-Owner Nissan 240SX May Be PerfectCars and Bids

The two generations of Nissan 240SX, and the three generations of related Silvia sold in Japan, became legendary in part because of their capability as a starting point for modification. That reputation overwhelmed what they were stock: great simple sports cars that brought rear-wheel drive, a manual transmission, and a compelling engine to a reasonable size at an accessible price point. Few completely unmodified cars survive, and even fewer are in great condition. That makes the survivors all the more special.

1997 s14 nissan 240sx one owner
Cars and Bids

This survivor, currently listed on Cars and Bids, is one of the best you'll ever see. It is an apparent one-owner, all original car, in impeccable condition inside and out. That it only has 34,000 miles on the odometer falls into an excellent range for a buyer: enough that it has been driven and further driving will not greatly diminish its value, but not enough to put any significant usage on any component that could wear down.

1997 s14 nissan 240x one owner
Cars and Bids

For anyone that has spent time around typical used cars from the late Nineties, the interior stands out. Even the plastics that wear down or get sticky over time are in excellent condition. Of course, this 240SX also has the all-important five-speed manual transmission.


The car is currently bid up to $26,250 with two days remaining. Given that a one-owner S14-generation 240SX with over 100,000 miles sold for $31,000 on Bring a Trailer earlier this month, this car should sell somewhere between that number and the shocking $125,000 someone asked for a 676-mile car in 2017.

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