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Are virtual wine tastings a great way to bring gearheads together?

Update: Another virtual wine tasting with Adobe Road Winery to explore The Racing Series is scheduled for August 26th at 5pm PDT (8pm EST). This will again be hosted by Mark Greene of Cars Yeah! and feature many of the same special guests, including one of our favorites, Lyn St James. The article below was written based on our experience in the first virtual wine tasting. Get your wine from The Racing Series here and use coupon code UNICEF for a 10-percent savings.

Use Coupon Code UNICEF To Enjoy A 10-Percent Savings
Use Coupon Code UNICEF To Enjoy A 10-Percent Savings

It’s been a challenging few months for the whole world, but in-person social-based events and businesses have had to reevaluate how they can move forward. Even as stay-at-home orders are starting to loosen in most states, social distancing and personal safety concerns are still driving social behavior trends. Although people are weary about physically visiting places, like vineyards, or attending a wine tasting with a group of people, wine makers have another option, and this particular option is also a good one for those thirsty to get back to the track!

TRC's Shift Wine Comes In This Awesome Bottle!
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Surprisingly, virtual wine tastings may be one of the best things to come from this lifestyle-disrupting scare. Motorious was recently invited to join a virtual wine tasting of The Racing Series wines, by Adobe Road. It was hosted by Mark Greene, whom you might know as host of Cars Yeah. Through this invitation, we learned more than we thought possible.


Although virtual wine tastings are not exactly a brand new thing, they have never been done like this before. There are plenty of wine makers out there fully utilizing the incredible marketing tools available via the internet to reach an increasing number of people. Platforms like Facebook Live and Zoom have made it easy for wineries to bring people together over a nice glass of wine. However, Adobe Roads' approach to virtual tastings is unique since it blends two of our favorite things: wine and racing.

TRS Wines
TRS Wines

Typical wine tastings are all about the wine and usually consists of the wine maker talking about the process of making the wine, with a few questions at the end. This tasting takes collaboration to the next level. Attendees have the pleasure of getting to know racing legends Lyn St. James and Kevin Buckler, along with current drivers Spencer Pumpelly and Derek DeBoer.

Legendary Race Car Driver, Race Team and Winery Owner, Kevin Buckler is the driving force behind this impressive collection. Kevin has been winning races since 1995. He has also been building his legacy in the automotive industry over nearly three decades.

Back in 2002 he and his wife Debra bought a small, boutique winery, Adobe Road. Over the years it would flourish under the core principals of racing. In collaboration with expert wine maker Garrett Martin, The Racing Series was crafted to represent Kevin’s passion for the art of racing. This includes four wines we’ll explore in greater depth later. If you’re a red wine lover, your taste buds will thank you for trying a bottle or trying them all.

While the taste of each is fantastic, Adobe Road clearly puts as much effort into packaging as they do into crafting the wine. Each bottle is a tribute to the sport which brings us all together.

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