Over 20 Dodge Chargers Take Over I-24 In Nashville

Over 20 Dodge Chargers Take Over I-24 In Nashville
Over 20 Dodge Chargers Take Over I-24 In Nashville

The lawlessness continues.

Freeway takeovers, just like their equally selfish and stupid intersection takeovers sibling, have become a mainstay in some parts of the country. Nashville, which has seen no shortage of the lawless antics, got another taste of it on August 26 when over 20 Dodge Charger drivers decided to take over a section of Interstate 24 near Bell Road. Fortunately, this time there were consequences for their actions.

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According to a press release from Metropolitan Nashville Police Department, the Mopar muscle cars lined up on the right shoulder of the interstate. At a signal, they started pulling onto the road, weaving recklessly through traffic to slow everyone down. According to police, the group “nearly caused multiple collisions” during the stunt.


These freeway takeovers, just like the intersection takeovers, are often filmed by participants and posted on social media. In other words, they’re done for online attention and even monetization.

Instead of successfully shutting down the interstate for a stretch of time so they could selfishly do donuts, burnouts, and other amateur tricks to feel cool and powerful, police shut down the shutdown before it could really get started.

One man was arrested, 29-year-old Carl D. Jackson, who allegedly drove for three miles before pulling over for officers, who had their emergency lights activated. Police say many of the Chargers participating in the takeover attempt had red “NGE” stickers on them, which they say stands for “Nash Gang Elites.”

After arresting him and preparing to have his muscle car towed, officers claim to have found several documents about NGE in the Dodge. Among them were membership records and the amount of monthly dues Jackson apparently owed to NGE. We guess being part of a gang is kind of like going an HOA in more ways than one.

Images via Metropolitan Nashville Police Department, Facebook