Own The Cruise-In and The Concours In This One-Off Custom Selling At GAA

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It may look like the ‘30s but it drives like a modern sports car.

In 2013, a company called Symbol created a vehicle that represented pretty much everything people love about extremely vintage classic cars. emulating the design found mostly in the 1930s, a symbol produced a vehicle known as the Atlantis. Looking like something that just crawled out of a radioactive Automotive museum, this eccentric automobile might just be the perfect vehicle for any low rider looking for something a tad more unique. So why exactly should you purchase this curvy and flamboyant icon?

Everything that you could say about this car, as it refers to the exterior styling, could be summed up by one award it was given during the 2017 Atlanta Motor Speedway show, quote showstopper quote. If you really like old Unique Designs and want to show off just how expensive your car is, it also comes with a set of suicide doors. Both of those features might be enough to turn your head or perk your ears, but that is only the beginning. The real fun starts with the ostrich interior and removable top. both of these features allow you to enjoy the ride quality of your vehicle to the fullest extent when driving.

Speaking of driving, you'll have tons of fun behind the wheel with the 350 cubic-inch V8 engine under the hood. This 5.7 Powerhouse is then connected to an automatic transmission which means that this vehicle, despite looking like a pure cruiser, can actually get up and go pretty quickly. On top of that, it's also got a hydraulic lift suspension which means you don't have to always be scraping the pavement and can show off your vehicle's undercarriage. Overall, you shouldn't have too much trouble turning heads of all ages at your local car show and, as the sunlight glints off of those pontoon fenders, you might also feel the need to smile at this wonderful creation.

This great car is part of the Jerry Smith Collection here.

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