Packard Is One of 88 Produced And Is Selling At Mecum's Indy Special

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Packard Is One of 88 Produced And Is Selling At Mecum's Indy Special
Packard Is One of 88 Produced And Is Selling At Mecum's Indy Special

Step back in time with this handsome classic.

Encapsulating the essence of vintage elegance, the 1940 Packard 160 Super 8 Business Coupe stands as a testament to the refined craftsmanship and design philosophy of an era defined by its pursuit of excellence and innovation. With its exquisite maroon silhouette and meticulous design accents, this rare gem—1 of only 88 produced—presents an unmissable opportunity for discerning collectors at the forthcoming Mecum’s Indy Fall Special 2023.

Regal Aesthetic: A Maroon Marvel

Basking in its regal maroon exterior, the Packard 160 radiates a timeless charm coupled with a sophisticated brown interior, a color palette that resonates with the opulent aesthetic sensibilities of the 1940s. The majestic presence of this business coupe is further accentuated by the amber driving lights and the illustrious “Goddess of Speed” hood ornament, a symbol of both beauty and velocity, echoing the luxurious spirit of the age.

Powerful Heart: 356/160 HP Inline 8-Cylinder Engine

The refined elegance of the exterior is harmoniously mirrored in the vehicle's powerful heart—a robust 356/160 HP inline 8-cylinder engine. This seamless blend of power and elegance imbues the Packard with a character that is both commanding and graceful, offering a driving experience that is sublimely transcendent.

Refined Details: A Legacy of Excellence

Every detail of this Packard 160 is a nod to the impeccable craftsmanship inherent to its heritage. The dual side-mounted spare tires housed in hard cases, the chrome Packard hubcaps and trim rings, and the wide whitewall tires, all testify to a meticulous attention to detail and a commitment to luxury. The in-dash clock and the woodgrain dashboard, featuring the distinctive banjo-style steering wheel, further elevate the interior’s aesthetic, creating a cabin atmosphere steeped in unparalleled luxury and sophistication.

Provenance & Pedigree: A San Franciscan Jewel

Having been sold new in San Francisco, this Packard 160 holds within its frame a rich tapestry of history and cultural relevance. Formerly a part of the esteemed Gene Cohen collection, its storied past adds an extra layer of allure and significance to this already remarkable vehicle, making it a precious acquisition for those with an appreciation for automotive ancestry and authenticity.

A Collector’s Reverie

The 1940 Packard 160 Super 8 Business Coupe, with its harmonious synthesis of regal aesthetics, engineering prowess, and historical richness, stands as a monumental offering at Mecum's Indy Fall Special 2023. For the connoisseur with a refined palate for rare and distinguished automotive artistry, this Packard is not merely a car; it is a living, breathing embodiment of a bygone era of elegance, a timeless treasure in the ever-evolving tapestry of automotive history.

In a world swathed in transient trends and fleeting designs, the Packard 160 Super 8 Business Coupe offers a rare chance to possess a piece of enduring elegance, a beacon of the illustrious legacy and unadulterated luxury that is Packard.