Paint-To-Sample Porsche 911 GT2 RS Weissach in Hellgrun Selling At Barrett-Jackson On Saturday

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A true representation of modern performance.

Porsche is a sports car manufacturer that fans across the globe celebrate, to this day, as an innovator no matter the era. One of the best examples we have to look up to is the 911 which utilized a technologically advanced rear-engine design and weight distribution to dominate its competition. In modern days, the advantage held by anyone with access to a Porsche is very evident on the track. Smooth body lines, high performance, and an unbeatable interior for what it has all made this car a spicy automobile to say the least. Many have dreamt of owning a vehicle just like this one sometime and recently they may have gotten the chance to do so as this 2018 Porsche 911 GT2 RS is on the market.

The visuals on this car may be one of the first things any buyer might focus on when they see it for the first time. It's easy to see why the light blue/turquoise Hellgrun reflects sunlight softly while those chrome wheels make everything pop. Truly, it is a beautiful sight for any automotive enthusiast with a passion for design and imagery. From what the listing shows of the interior, the red and black materials contrast perfectly making the luxury side of Porsche stand out. However, that certainly isn't the only thing that makes the interior, and car in general, an awesome optician for anyone who loves driving.

What shows this car off is the driver-focused orientation which is present in every aspect of this automobile. One of the first things that make clear the vehicle's intentions is the fiery exhaust roaring out of the rear exhaust tips. That beautiful sound comes from a 3.8-liter flat-six which makes more than enough power to tango with the best sports cars out there. Finally, it's hard to argue with the seven-speed automatic PDK transaxle which uses its dual-clutch design to transfer power like a pro. With all of this in mind, this may be one of the best modern sports cars for anyone serious about their love for performance. The only thing left to decide is who will be behind the wheel.

This phenomenal Porsche is being sold by Visit their site and their showroom in Phoenix while you are in town for the auctions.

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