Take a Peek at the Electric Ram Revolution's (Sort of) Third-Row Seats

ram 1500 revolution battery electric vehicle concept featuring jump seats
Electric Ram Pickup Has Third-Row Seats (Sort Of)Ram
  • When the electric Ram Revolution concept was revealed, its rearmost jump seats made it a three-row pickup truck.

  • Now, new photos provide a closer look at the Ram 1500 EV's third-row seating, which may be useful or useless.

  • Based on the images from the concept, the two small seats each feature bottoms that fold out of the rear wall.

Anyone who has ever sat on the tiny jump seats in the back of an old extended-cab pickus knows they're not very comfortable. Then again, so is riding in the back of a truck bed, which can also be unsafe. Well, jump seats might make a comeback based on what we know about the Ram 1500 Revolution BEV concept that was recently revealed. Thankfully—unlike the ones in Uncle Eddie's rusted-out Chevy S-10—the electric Ram's rearmost seats are part of a makeshift third row. Newly released photos also give us our best look at them.

ram 1500 revolution bev concept
ram 1500 revolution bev concept

From the get-go, Ram acknowledged that the Revolution's third row consisted of jump seats. However, only now do we get to see what they actually look like. As expected, the images show two small seats that fold out of the back wall. It's the same wall that doubles as a mid-gate that opens up to create an even larger cargo bed. Obviously, this is part of the reason the rearmost row had to be jump seats.

ram 1500 revolution battery electric vehicle concept featuring jump seat
ram 1500 revolution battery electric vehicle concept featuring jump seat

The debate that follows is whether or not the Ram EV's third-row seats are useful or useless. We get why calling it a three-row pickup truck is a bit misleading, and also why some people will likely scoff at the idea of spending extended time back there. However, we think it's an innovative idea.


As in the past, the jump seats aren't meant to coddle passengers on road trips and whatnot, but rather to provide extra space for people on short stints. After all, we'd rather safely ride inside the electric Ram than risk bouncing around the box.

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